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Engraving FAQs and Tips
Will my text fit?
We provide an ideal number of characters to enter on each engravable item. If you enter the ideal recommended your text will fit and look optimal. If you enter more than the ideal recommended your text might be difficult to read. We reserve the right to shorten text entered to fit nicely on an engraved item - as the goal is for your personalized gift to be perfect - and for you and your gift recipient to be happy.

How should I enter a date?
On small items we recommend the date format xx.xx.xx or the date format xx.xx.xxxx. We do not recommend adding a zero in front of single digit months or days - for example 02.02.2010 looks better as 2.2.2010. This however is a personal preference. On larger items like a dog tag with an engravable surface larger than one inch you may enter the full date (e.g., January 24, 2011).

Which font or monogram style will look best?
The perfect font or monogram style is a matter of preference - and of the space available to engrave. How much text you wish to have engraved is the biggest determining factor for which font or monogram style will look best. View samples of our font and monogram styles.

For most items we provide recommendations based on the number of characters that can fit on its engravable surface. In general we recommend using single-stroke fonts when entering more than the ideal recommended number of characters because single stroke fonts are the most legible when the engraving is very small. Use double-stroke fonts for names or words up to the number of characters recommended. If you are not sure - opt to have our personalization experts choose the best font or monogram option for your engravable item.

What if I make a mistake?
We process orders promptly. Please proof your entries before submitting your order to ensure all details are correct. Once an item has been engraved, updates or changes cannot be made. We may correct mistakes such as misspelled words and grammatical errors if we can determine with 100% certainty the misspelled word or grammatical error was not intentional. We will contact you if we notice an inaccuracy or potential mistake that we cannot correct.

What is a monogram?
A monogram includes three initials in a specific order. Please enter all three letters in the exact order you would like us to engrave them in. We will personalize your gift using the exact order each letter is entered. If you are unsure leave us a note in the special requests step - include the full name to be monogrammed (i.e., the first name, the middle name, and the last name in order). Then state you would like a monogram. View monogram styles and monogram help.

One Person
Monogram Correct Order
First, Last, Middle

Monogram Example
Ava Marie Kennedy = AKM

Two Persons - Married Couple
Monogram Correct Order
Wife’s First, Husband’s Last, Husband’s First

Monogram Example
Rebecca Smith & Anderson Taylor = RTA
Engraving Tips
We provide personalization guidelines and tips to help you determine the best text to engrave and the best font/monogram options to select – however, on occasion some orders will need to be modified. We will always try to accommodate your requests but will use our expertise when appropriate. We will modify your order to ensure your engraved text looks optimal. This means we will determine appropriate line breaks, spacing, and even change the font and monogram style if necessary.

Enter your text to engrave exactly how you would like it to appear. If you want the first letter of a name in lower case please enter it that way. Text entered in all UPPER CASE will be engraved in UPPER CASE.

To specify the placement of an engravable image please use the "Special Requests" text area on the item's options.

Font Style Selection Tips
We have provided a few tips to help you select the best font style for your personalized gift.
  • When selecting a font style we recommend you review each letter of the font style alphabet to ensure you like the look of the letter. For example, the J in the Shelley Allegro font style has a unique look you may or may not like - and some think the letter V in the Victoria Outline font style resembles the letter D.
  • Please use non-script font styles with UPPER CASE text as UPPER CASE text does not look best with script typefaces. Also please note a few UPPER CASE letters are taller than the rest in a given font. For example the G in Victoria Outline and the Y in Cursive.
  • Please use non-script font styles when engraving very small jewelry items.
  • Please note the engravers may select an alternative font style if the font style chosen will not look optimal on your personalized gift. Alternatively they may keep the font selected but un-CAPITALIZE the engraving if the font selected was not intended for use with all upper case letters. Occasionally the engravers may CAPITALIZE the engraving to best fit certain pieces - usually when part of a lowercase letter such as "p" "g" or "y" goes below the rest of the word and vertical space is very limited (for example engraving the name "Sydney" on a bangle bracelet).
...ready to see font samples? Click here for Font and Monogram styles

Have a question? Email us or call us at 1.888.707.7772 and we will be more than happy to answers any questions you may have.
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