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Pearl Bracelet - Grow-With-Me® Resizing Form
Item #: 136

This resize me form is for bracelets made with pearls. If you have a silver-beaded bracelet with no pearls use our silver bracelet resizing form -

Resize your silver-beaded bracelet here.

Resize your pearl necklace here.

Purchase charms here.

Purchase gemstones here.

Shop Grow-With-Me® jewelry.

We will NO LONGER ACCEPT unclean bracelets. Please WASH YOUR BRACELET thoroughly BEFORE MAILING your pearl bracelet back to us using the following instructions. We will mail your pearl bracelet back without resizing it if it is deemed unsanitary to handle.

How to Care for Your Fine Pearls

1.) Clean your bracelet with a soft-bristled toothbrush and Woolite. Remove all stuck food, sticky accumulation, clumps of dust, and any other debris from your bracelet.
2.) Lay your bracelet on a paper towel or soft cloth flat to dry.
3.) Put your bracelet in a plastic Ziploc bag (after it is completely dry) along with a piece of paper with the name of the person your original GWM bracelet was purchased by and the original order number as shown in the photos on this page.
4.) Place the Ziploc bag in a thick bubble mailer.
5.) Purchase a shipping label with insurance and delivery tracking.
6.) Mail to ---

3245 Main St Ste 235-204
Frisco TX 75034-4411

Be sure to allow 10 - 12 weeks for this entire process. If you have a special event coming up, allow more time to have a cushion.

$35.00 with options selected below

Step 1. Enter Order # or Order Name.

Enter the original order # - or - the full name of the person who purchased your Grow-With-Me® bracelet.

Step 2. Select Length to Add to Pearl Bracelet.

Only select A Gold Item if adding gold beads.
4 pearls = 1 inch
6 pearls = 1.5 inch
Bracelet Sizing How To

Step 3. Re-engrave center bead (If applicable.)

This step only applies to bracelets that originally included an engravable center bead as shown here. PLEASE NOTE engraved Rembrandt charms cannot be re-engraved as they are rhodium-coated.

Step 4. Special Requests.

Leave us a note if you have one or more special requests or have additional customization requirements. Please note we will do our best to honor your request however, not all special requests can be met. Leaving a note may delay your order if we need to contact you for clarification or if the request entered cannot be done as stated on this product page.

Step 5. Add Jewelry Polishing Cloth (Optional).

Jewelry polishing cloth gives gold and silver jewelry a brilliant shine by removing tarnish and buildup. Cloth is made from 100% Long Strand Egyptian cotton and is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Step 6. Add Gift Wrap Paper and Ribbon (Optional).

View example gift packaging.

Step 7. Processing Time.

I understand this process can take an estimated 10 - 12 weeks . I understand I will use my tracking number to track my package and call the shipping carrier I used to mail my bracelet back if an issue arises. I understand BeadifulBABY is in no way responsible if my pearl bracelet does not make it to BeadifulBABY.

Step 8. Cleaning Requirement.

I understand I am required to mail a fully-cleaned, sanitary pearl bracelet back to be resized, one not full of food or other sticky debris and thick clods of dust clumps, and if my pearl bracelet is not deemed clean, it will be returned to me untouched.

Ship To:
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