Children’s jewelry can be challenging both to purchase and to care for. While family members may want to purchase or pass on precious jewelry to children, the risk of loss or damage can be critical.

Daily Wear

If your child has costume jewelry and enjoys wearing it, encourage them! This exposure to how to care for bracelets, rings and necklaces is great training for when they’re ready to put on the real thing.

If your child is keen on outdoor play, consider instituting a “no jewelry outside” rule in the instance of losing it. While your child may miss the plastic bangle lost at the park, they’ll learn to leave their real jewelry either at home or with you when at a special event.

Special Events

Holiday gatherings, weddings and other special occasions give your child the chance to wear their precious jewelry and practice caring for it. Try to put a time limit on jewelry wearing, particularly if your child is physically active.

For example, if you’re celebrating a wedding and your child wants to wear the new necklace from Grandma, carry it with you. Your little girl can put on the necklace before the wedding, show it to Grandma during the reception and take it off before they go off to play with other children at the event.

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Don’t Forget the Boys!

For adults, choosing dress clothes for little boys and girls can be quite a bit of fun. Once your little guy has a suit or dress pants and a nice shirt, consider adding a snazzy tie and a pin or tie clip. Another option is a sharp-looking pair of cuff links.

These pieces will add a formal feel to your child’s outfit and help them understand the process of dressing up and the formality of these events.

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Keep Things Simple

For precious pieces or family treasures, keep the jewelry style simple. Limit the child to only one or two pieces. A simple set of necklace and earrings or necklace and bracelet will help your little girl keep track of the jewelry they’re wearing and keep it safe.

Classic cuff links will help your little guy look terrific and feel special for this special event. Encourage the child to understand that these are formal pieces and should be taken off before going out to play.

When storing these items at home, try to keep them in a special place that the child cannot access on their own, particularly if your child has inherited something. These tiny pieces are so precious and lovely. However, until your child is old enough to keep track of them, they’ll be at risk. By taking them out for special occasion, you build responsible jewelry handling habits.

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