Trying to find the perfect gift for a child’s birthday, or a special event like a christening or baptism or a graduation can be difficult – and going through the process and hunt all over again for the holidays can be nothing less than stressful if you’re unsure of the possibilities out there. If you find yourself second-guessing your gift-giving abilities, or questioning how you should make your selection, it might be time to consider giving the gift of jewelry.

 While some might prefer not to give jewelry to children, citing possible damage to the item or the rate at which a child grows, a good quality and meaningful piece can grow along with the child, or even become a treasured heirloom to pass down to the next generation. Having jewelry at a young age can also teach a child responsibility. 

They’ll learn the value of an item – both the monetary value and the keepsake value. Having a bracelet or a necklace or a pair of earrings they can wear later as an adult from a special grandmother or a loved one allows them to remember the moments spent together. This type of meaningful gift has an immeasurable significance you cannot put a price on. 


Bracelets are one of the best gifts to give a child. Most children will experiment with beads or friendship bracelets at some point and will likely be eager to try the more “grownup” version on for size. While it is possible for children to quickly outgrow some bracelets they have, the tiny keepsakes they adorn as a baby or child are likely to be kept safe and sound – and handed down as treasured heirlooms and reminders of just how little they once were. These treasures are reminders of their childhood.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

While these tiny reminders – these keepsake bracelets have their place  – bracelets designed to grow with a child are great gifts as well. Bracelets such as these allow room for growth, which makes them a good alternative if you prefer a gift that “lasts” longer and can be worn later when they’re adults. These bracelets can grow with your child by being resized as your child grows.

Yet other bracelet styles like charm bracelets make beautiful and meaningful gifts as well.  With these bracelets you can add new charms for future gifts to commemorate special events your child has attended, awards earned, cities and states they’ve visited while on a family vacation, sports your child plays, and more.  Charm bracelets tell a story and can in a way chronicle a child’s young life as they experience adventures in travel, in school, and in sports. Many charms are engravable and can be personalized with dates giving added meaning to their gift. Every one of these little moments in a child’s life become the big things they reflect on as an adult.  What a great gift to have to remember these events and special moments by – a gift they can wear each and every day or on their most special of occasions to wear as a reminder of those they love and the moments shared.


Enjoy the little things, 
for one day you may look back 
and realize they were the big things.

- Robert Brault. 


Earrings are another popular choice for children’s jewelry. These are more likely to be wearable for a good length of time, and sufficiently “simple” or “elegant” options like pearl earrings and ball earrings might be worn throughout someone’s life. Pearl earrings are an affordable and practical option you can’t go wrong with. Diamond earrings are perfect for the most special of occasions like a child’s graduation, christening, or a first communion. Most adults are even able to wear baby earrings, which makes earrings that fit a baby or younger child a practically perfect gift for a gift-giving occasion. Ask ahead about a child’s favorite color, animal, or other interests too before making a purchase to help narrow your choices down, and possibly provide a unique piece of jewelry they’ll want to wear for years to come. Ask whether the parent prefers 18K or 14K gold for younger children and whether they have a style preference. A lot of moms prefer 18K or 14K gold as they worry about skin reactions from lesser expensive metal alloys containing nickel.  Look for nickel-free gold earrings as it’s nickel that causes the most common allergy in some children. Learn more about nickel allergies in children. All of our jewelry at BeadifulBABY is nickel-free meaning our jewelry does not contain nickel in any amount.  Screw-back earrings and huggie hoop earrings are also popular choices with moms for their babies and young children.  These earrings provide a closed earring back which prevents baby’s skin from getting jabbed.  Always purchase additional earring backs with your gift just in case.



Necklaces can be one of the trickiest options on the list – but some styles are perfect for every occasion and child. Finding a beautiful piece that matches most of what a child wears can be incredibly easy if you decide to give the gift of a necklace, but depending on what you give, size can easily become an issue. Choose necklaces with adjustable chains or purchase a second chain the child can switch the pendant to as she or he grows.

Pendant style necklaces and grow-with-me necklaces can eliminate the worry of outgrowing something, but decorated chains are a simple way for a child to dress up and might even be preferable.

Locket necklaces are great gifts you can personalize with keepsake photos and engraving – and are favorites of most little girls as they love the secret little compartment behind the closed locket. Adding a photo you know they’ll love can make their gift even more special.  Most lockets come with photo templates allowing you to size her photo perfectly for her locket.

Other great options are necklaces you can add to every year – like charm necklaces and buildable pearl necklaces you add a pearl at a time. These options are great gifts because they allow you to add to them as the years go on keeping your gift a special keepsake they’ll cherish for many years. These types of necklaces make great keepsakes for children to remember special loved ones and special events and moments in their life.

For religious occasions like christenings, baptisms, and first communions cross necklaces can be perfect gifts. Carefully consider what the most important aspects of the gift are, then remember no matter what style your gift is in, you’ll be creating a precious memory by giving it.


Rings, the last option on our list, come in all shapes and sizes, to fit all types of people. Rings are great gifts.  They’re a constant visible symbol of the care and thought given to this gift. Rings can symbolize a relationship we hold dear. 

You can select a ring with a child’s birthstone or a ring with her first diamond. You can personalize his or her ring with their initial or a three letter monogram signifying their entire name.

Monogrammed rings make great gifts for boys. If you want to buy a ring for a child, make sure you find out their ring size beforehand. Ring sizers are also available to help determine their ring size. Or you can purchase the ring a little bigger and offer to have it resized after your gift is opened, or suggest the ring be held onto until the child grows into it. Having a very special ring of their own is a gift any child is sure to appreciate especially if his or her ring offers sentiment with personalization.

Finding the perfect gift for a child does not need to be another holiday dilemma, birthday or special occasion concern, regardless of what you decide to give. Jewelry is always a well-received gift – as gifts of jewelry have been given for thousands of years. Jewelry is one of the most treasured items people hold dear and pass onto future generations to love and appreciate the past story told.

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