Celebrating Fall

Halloween thru Thanksgiving

What a fantastic way to spend a beautiful fall Texas day with the kids.  Our day at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms in Gunter Texas was packed full of fun from the moment we arrived. From the pumpkin-lined entrance to the friendly staff to the numerous activities our day from start to finish at our new favorite pumpkin patch was well worth the time spent.

How Tall in Fall? Big Orange Pumpkin Farm


The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm is located in Gunter Texas straight down Preston Road (i.e., Texas State Highway 289) north of three of the fastest growing northern Dallas suburbs Frisco, Prosper, and Celina.  Travel approximately 3.6 miles past the Celina High School and past a tiny unincorporated community named Marilee and the farm will be located on your right.  Turn in the first dirt road entrance before the general store once you see the farm.  Drive slow as it’s hard to see just where the entrance is and making a u-turn on this sometimes busy two-lane country road might prove tedious and dangerous. You’ll have to make a u-turn from shoulder to shoulder.

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm
15102 TX-289, Gunter, TX 75058

Celina High School to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch Map View


There’s plenty of parking at Preston Trail Farms. The parking lot is located right in front of the general store and is almost as big as the entire activities area.  So don’t fret about parking – you’ll have a spot waiting just for you and your family. A parking spot large enough for your most massive SUV and your largest Texas-sized work truck as parking spots are not marked by lines but rather by your judgement on how close you wish to park next to the vehicle next to you.  Ladies this is a gravel parking lot so be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and shoes you prefer not to get scuffed by the gravel and rocks you’ll be walking on to get through the parking lot.

preston trail farms parking lot


The farm operates the pumpkin farm festivities and activities from midSeptember to just after Thanksgiving every year – although the onsite general store, the Preston Trail Farms Cafe, and the petting zoo all operate year-round.


Check the Preston Trail Farms web site for the most up-to-date admission ticket rates. Our entrance fee included many of the activities offered including an authentic hayride, a super-fun hay maze, an adorable farm train for both kids and adults, grilled hot dogs for every guest with a paid ticket, and fresh feed for the animals in the petting zoo. At the time of this writing we paid $40 even for our family of four (i.e., $10 per guest no tax.)

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm Pumpkins


The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms offers these activities, amenities, and more.

  • Petting Zoo
  • Hay Maze
  • Hayride
  • Farm Train Ride
  • Dining
  • General Store
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Photo Ops
  • Bathrooms

pumpkins seeds and pumpkin pies

Pumpkins for Purchase

Be sure to bring home a few pumpkins to decorate your home – and for the pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. Preston Trail Farms offers pumpkins in every shape and size for sale.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Roasted pumpkins seeds are so fun and easy to make and a delicious healthy snack for you and the kids. Pumpkin seeds are super-high in magnesium and are a great source of iron. One cup of roasted pumpkin seeds has about 650 calories not including any calories from added seasoning.

One cup roasted pumpkin seeds = 650 calories

High is magnesium and iron


1.) Cut the top of your pumpkin.

2.) Harvest the seeds with your hands into a strainer placed in your sink.  The kids will LOVE this part as the seeds are intertwined in the gooey innards of the pumpkin. It’s both oh-so yucky and fun at the same time!

3.) Rinse your pumpkin seeds completely clean in your strainer in your sink using your hands.

4.) Pat dry.

5.) Place your seeds evenly on a parchment paper-covered baking sheet or two.

6.) Coat with seasoning of your choice.  Salt is great.  Or if you prefer a sweet seasoning use cinnamon and sugar. Try a few concoctions at one time too if you like.

7.) Pop your baking sheets in your oven on 350 for about 10 to 20 minutes.  Check after every 10 minutes.  If they’re a little crispy they’re done.

8.) Let cool on your counter for about 15 or so minutes. Then dig in and enjoy! A super-easy and fun snack the kids can make with you!

Feeding the Goats at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

Petting Zoo

The petting zoo was the very first activity the kids raced over to experience. Packed with lively, super-friendly goats, sheep, longhorns, and more.  The goats had personalities that made everyone smile. They greeted us by climbing up high onto the fence eager to grab their cups of feed – and grab they did! So hold on tight to those cups!

Feeding the Longhorn at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

The kids loved the Texas Longhorn with their massive horns and friendly demeanor. No matter how many times we see a Texas Longhorn the reaction is always the same – wonder and excitement!

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm Petting Zoo

The goats received the most laughs and giggles from the kids with the goats persistent pushing and reaching. Every where we walked within the goat petting zone a billy, kid, or doe was sure to be stretching through the fence waiting eagerly to grab feed from our cups – or devour feed from our hands. They were so comical and cute – and very well cared for!

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas Petting Zoo

It’s always so peaceful to witness the immediate connection of a child and a furry friend – and many friends that day the kids made.

Kids running to the Hay Maze at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Hay Maze

The hay maze was a-mazing!  No pun intended.  My kids exact words. They raced to the entrance and throughout the entire maze from one end to the other several times. Never tiring and asking to run through just one more time each time.

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas Hay Maze

This maze is fun for kids and adults of all ages.

The Hay Maze at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

With every race the kids laughed with excitement.

The Hay Ride at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms


The hayride was a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the entire farm after running through the hay maze. Along the ride we read a cute story of a lost farmer named Rick where at the end of the ride this lost farmer was found rolled up tight in a bale of hay. This ride was both relaxing, cute, and entertaining from start to finish. A nice way to unwind and enjoy the moment with family.

The Hay Ride Entrance at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

Our hayride was indeed authentic.  Pulled by a large, green-painted John Deere farm tractor – our hay-lined cart was both comfortable and spacious. This ride could easily fit upwards of 50+ guests dispersed among the three carts making the wait time in the line about 10 or so minutes or less.

The Hay Ride Entrance at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms

The cute country-style fencing made great photo-ops while waiting in line.

The Hay Ride Legend at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

Tale of Farmer Rick

Keep an eye out for the storyboards along the ride detailing the tale of the demise of Preston Trail Farm’s famous Farmer Rick. See who can find him first!

The Farm Train Ride at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms

Farm Train

The farm train was fun for the kids and adults. This adorable green barrel train ran around a pumpkin-lined path around the farms pumpkin patch where the kids got great views of all the pumpkins they planned to take home.

Eating Hot Dogs with the kids at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch


Included with our admission we received one free hot dog from the grill each.  Numerous country-style picnic tables adorned with pumpkins and fun, crazy-shaped squash lined the exterior of the general store. Families gathered at each table to eat and share a moment with their loved ones.

Outside Eating Spot at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

A little spotted farm dog walking around the area made the experience fun and at-home for the kids – but the RingPops stole the show. Adorned with their diamond-shaped RingPop on their finger they ran off again to explore what more the farm had to offer.

Kids with their Ring Pops at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

RingPops anyone? A must-have for the kids.

Ring Pops at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

The sour RingPops were a sought-after favorite.

preston trails farm general store

General Store

On site was a prominent, well-appointed general store with everything you’d need in a hurry and everything you’d need to operate the day-to-day activities of your local farm. The atmosphere was just as authentic as the farm itself – down-home, comfortable, and welcoming to all who entered.

General Store at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

The kids loved looking at all the adorable trinkets and farm tools. A great place we’ll definitely come back to.

Kids at the General Store at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Gunter Texas

Inside the general store is the Preston Trail Farms Cafe’. Open year-round and a favorite go-to spot among locals.

Spacious Bathrooms at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

Super-Clean Facilities

Every aspect of our trip to The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm was top-notch! In addition to a much-appreciated, oversized, well-kept, and well-stocked bathroom every mom and guest can appreciate.

The clean and spacious bathrooms at The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm at Preston Trail Farms

Thank you Preston Trail Farms!

We’ll definitely be back to visit you again next year!  You made our beautiful, lazy-day Sunday a day to remember. Happy Fall, Happy Halloween, and Happy Thanksgiving Preston Trail Farms!


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Tell us from your own experience what you enjoyed most about this super-fun farm.  Post photos and share your day with us.  We’d love to hear from you.