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Girls Name Necklace - 14K White Gold - A Rembrandt Original - Chain Included - Special Order Item - BEST SELLER
Item #: 1828

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$278.39 with options selected below

Step 1. Enter Name (Up to 7 Letters).

Enter letters (A - Z). Name necklace will be created in the exact order letters are entered. Once your order has been placed check your email order confirmation for accuracy. Your name necklace will be created exactly as entered on this online form.

Step 2. Select # of Letters Entered in Step 1.

Please Note: If the number of letters selected does not match the number of letters entered in step 1 your order might be delayed as we will need to contact you for you to submit additional payment.

Step 3. Special Requests.

Leave us a note if you have one or more special requests or have additional customization requirements. Please note we will do our best to honor your request however, not all special requests can be met. Leaving a note may delay your order if we need to contact you for clarification or if the request entered cannot be done as stated on this product page.

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Jewelry polishing cloth gives gold and silver jewelry a brilliant shine by removing tarnish and buildup. Cloth is made from 100% Long Strand Egyptian cotton and is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

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