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Purchase Her Next Pearl - Freshwater Create-A-Pearl
Item #: 251

Have a Create-A-Pearl® freshwater cultured pearl starter necklace - and now need to purchase additional freshwater cultured pearls? You're at the right spot.

This is the place where you may purchase 1 - 3 freshwater cultured pearls for her next special occasion. Like for her christening, baptism, her first birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, her first communion, confirmation, her dance recital, or her graduation.

  • Pearls are white rose' premier freshwater cultured pearls graded by our very own GIA Pearls Graduate. Pearls are graded according to the standards set forth by the GIA Pearl Description System also known as the GIA 7 Pearl Value Factors™. These seven value factors are: size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, nacre quality, and matching.
  • Create-A-Pearl® is perfection Our premier freshwater cultured pearls are perfectly clean to the eye with absolutely no visible surface markings. Each pearl comes with a beautifully clean well-drilled, straight hole in the center. They have extremely high, almost mirror-like luster and are all nacre. Our freshwater cultured pearls are not bead-nucleated. They are tissue-nucleated and are comprised almost entirely of nacre. These fine cultured pearls are perfectly round to the eye and are matched to perfection. With Create-A-Pearl® perfection is yours.
  • Learn how to care for your Create-A-Pearl® fine cultured pearl gemstones with our pearl care guide.
  • Pearls are strung on your choice of keepsake card.

Need a starter necklace? Need individual akoya cultured pearls? Need your pearls added to your starter necklace?

Need help? Call us at 1.888.707.7772 or click to learn more about the Create-A-Pearl® process.

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$48.00 with options selected below

Step 1. Select Keepsake Pearl Card.

Step 2. Select Number of Pearls and Pearl Size.

We offer the perfect-sized pearls for the most elegant and traditional pearl necklace look - the princess length - with pearls ranging in size from 5.0mm to 7.0mm. Pearls smaller than 5.0mm are in our opinion - too small for the princess necklace look. Princess pearl necklaces are typically graduated meaning the largest pearls are placed in the center with the smaller pearls graduating towards the clasp.

Step 3. Special Requests.

Leave us a note if you have one or more special requests or have additional customization requirements. Please note we will do our best to honor your request however, not all special requests can be met. Leaving a note may delay your order if we need to contact you for clarification or if the request entered cannot be done as stated on this product page.

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We are Open and Shipping Orders. Save 10% on Everything! Use code BACKTOSCHOOL